Langwathby C of E Primary School

Bringing out the best in one another

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School Address

  • Langwathby CofE Primary School,
  • Salkeld Road,
  • Langwathby,
  • Penrith,
  • Cumbria,
  • CA10 1ND

Vision, Values and Ethos




As a Church of England School we encourage our children to live a life rooted in faith and love.


Our School Vision


To provide creative learning experiences which inspire excellence and develop confidence.

To promote kindness and friendship as ways of learning to value and serve one another.

We see school as building on those things that children have already learned, helping them to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable them to continue learning throughout life.


At Langwathby School we aim to help children:


  • Develop lively, inquiring minds, the ability to find out, together with a readiness to apply themselves to new experiences.
  • Acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes they will need in later study and in adult life, including developing confidence with technology.

  • Use language and mathematics confidently and effectively in all areas of the curriculum.

  • Respect religious, cultural and moral values; to gain an understanding and respect for other beliefs and ways of life.

  • Value all living things;

  • Appreciate human achievements and aspirations and understand their place in a global world.


We want each child to become increasingly autonomous. By that we mean children taking on responsibility for themselves and their learning. It means an increasing independence - the ability to work on their own - and the ability to work co-operatively. It also includes a degree of self-esteem - the confidence to tackle new things. Finally it includes a measure of responsibility; a respect for others who, like themselves, like all of us, are learners.


At the same time as preparing children for the future, we also recognise their present needs, interests and abilities. Each child is different - in their personality, in their intellectual and physical abilities - just as they differ in appearance. Teachers try to meet those individual needs within a broad range of subjects, knowing that each child will progress at different rates.


We believe that children, like the rest of us, learn best when they can try things for themselves, when they are actively involved in their studies, when they can have practical and first hand experience of the subject. In this way learning becomes more memorable and meaningful. We hope it is also enjoyable.