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Welcome to Kingfishers Class!


Kingfisher class is taught by Mrs Newman and Mrs Gale. Other adults in Kingfisher class are Mrs Mattinson and Mrs Carruthers. 

Kingfisher's have enjoyed their Outdoor Learning Week. 

On Monday they did phonics outside and found and wrote things with different sounds from what they could see and hear around them. They found clouds for the ou sound and heard sheep for the ee sound. They then wrote the words on fluorescent post it stars! 

Tuesday they did outdoor Maths learning. Adding together numbers on a hopscotch, having thrown two bean bags to see which numbers they had to add. Rounding numbers to ten on a huge number line. Using ten leaves, splitting these into two sets and writing down an add some to show what they had done. Basically number bonds to ten!

Outdoor Maths with Mrs.N



 We p​​​lanted acorns, to grow into oak trees. We made sure the sprouting root, which shoots first, was put downwards in our very tall pot. These trees, when they're a couple of years old, will be transported to farmer James's farm, to make the 'Langwathby Wood'. We celebrated all the benefits of trees remembering how they produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. How they are an important habitat for animals, insects and shelter for sheep and lambs and cows from the snow, rain and sun. Also that trees produce paper! (Although not our hardwood trees, perhaps a faster growing species like pines.)

We would also like to welcome Miss Sophie Page, working with us as a teaching assistant apprentice.

Autumn Term 2020



This term our topic is 'Light, Sound and Electricity'. 



We learnt a poem as part of our literacy curriculum, all about sounds. Listen to the children recite it. It took them half an hour to learn. They did this by repeating and remembering each line. Then we copied it out in our nicest handwriting and finally recited it a few more times before recording! We didn't have time to polish the performance but thought you'd like to hear their efforts, I was proud of them. 



We will be carrying out experiments that will test our hearing as well as exploring sources of light. Later in the term we will find ways of making our own electrical circuits to make lights and sounds.


We have been studying the Artwork of Paul Klee this term and have produced some stunning pictures using pastels and black pen.

We have been making sculptures made from natural materials inspired by Andy Goldsworthy.

Our Class Gallery


Kingfishers class learnt lots about local wildlife when Hester's Mum, Catherine, came into Kingfisher's playground recently to share how she was hand-rearing two House Martins and a hedgehog.  After lots of questions, the children produced some lovely writing which really showed how well they had all listened.

Getting close to nature.

Our Class Blog:

We are enjoying our time in Forest School, especially exploring the changes during Autumn.


Road Safety


We visited the Village Hall this afternoon. Sarah talked to us about being safe when crossing roads, especially on dark nights. It was an active session and she told us a true story about her son getting knocked off his bicycle when he was six. After many weeks in hospital he recovered hence why Sarah is very passionate about what she does. 



  • Try to read with your child as many times a week as is possible, ideally three times.
  • Practice their KIRF targets.
  • Practice their spellings.
  • Complete tasks on Seesaw


Weekly Routines


We have PE on Monday and Tuesday.

Please ensure earrings are taped/covered/removed on those days for safety reasons.



As well as continuing with individual- class specific- weekly awards, the whole school will be using Class Dojo this year. Dojo is a points system that allows us to reward effort, consistency, demonstration of our core values, growth mindset and kindness. As well as collecting points individually, the children are also collecting points for their newly allocated School House. The House with the most points at the end of the year will win the House Cup. 


The Houses, and House Leaders are: 


The House of St Peter- Mrs Love and Mrs Wilby 

The House of St Cuthbert- Mrs Hay and Miss O'Kane

The House of St Michael- Mr Dennis and Mrs Gale

The House of St John- Mr Armstrong and Mrs Newman 

The House of St Luke- Mrs Labbett and Mrs Wildey