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Welcome to Badger Class!


Badger class is taught by Mr Armstrong.

Autumn Term 2019



This term our topic is Knights and Quests. We are very excited to be learning about medieval Britain and we will gain an insight into the daily lives of the people who lived in this time period - of all social classes and backgrounds. 

We have already visited Carlisle Castle which was a fantastic opportunity to give the children a hands-on experience of what it was like to live in a castle, and the various roles of the people who lived and worked within its walls. This has also given us a good platform to work from in order to enrich the rest of our learning within this topic.

Going forward with this topic, we will study stories and poetry within a castle setting, create persuasive job applications for medieval jobs, and research food from the time period (both delicious and disgusting!). In terms of cross-curricular learning, we will study music and dance from the medieval period, produce a medieval newspaper report, and retell the story of Robin Hood with our own personal twist.

Our current class novel is also inspired by our topic in The Wicked Tricks of Till Owlyglass by Michael Rosen which tells the story of a mischievous medieval prankster (based on the German folk-law character of Till Eulenspiegel).



Our topic in science for this term is rocks and soils. We have already started to examine a variety of rocks; have learned the three groups - igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic; and have began to test the different properties of rocks. Going forward we will examine how fossils are formed, how rocks are used and why, what causes different types of soil, and to design our own experiment to discover which soils are most permeable. All these investigations will be facilitated by a hands-on, interactive environment in which children conduct and control (with support) their own investigations to generate 'real' discoveries to offer a greater depth of learning. 



Our focus in art this term is portraits. In keeping with our overarching topic of Knights and Quests, we will look at medieval portraits of kings and queens, discuss why portraits were (and still are) used, and how they differ in style and technique from one another. Children will also have the opportunity to draw their own self-portrait in a style and design of their choice.

Our Class Blog - Autumn

We're not even at half term yet but we've had a fantastic start to the year. In English, we've studied traditional tales such as The Gingerbread Man and Jack and the Beanstalk which has included some diary writing, a police report, and some dramatic reenactments! In maths, we have become experts of using and applying place value. Building on this, we have just started using money to practice and develop addition and subtraction, as well as understanding the different coins and notes and their relationship with each other. 

Of course our trip to Carlisle Castle stands out as a highlight for the year so far. The children (and staff!) had an amazing time, first enjoying a tour by an expert, then dressing up as different people within the castle, before finally exploring the grounds independently in small groups. If only it hadn't been chucking it down... but you can't have everything!

In the coming weeks, children are going to be designing and constructing their own bridges using only cardboard and paper (as well as some adhesives!) which I'm sure will generate some wonderful and wacky outcomes. Watch this space!

Weekly Routines


We have PE on a Tuesday and a Thursday. Please ensure that PE kits remain in school throughout the week so that the children can access this provision.   


Home learning is encouraged and we always love to see what the children are up to. We have many opportunities for show and tell throughout the week.


Spellings are given out on a Monday morning and tested the following week.