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 Welcome to Otter Class!


Otter class is taught by Mr Armstrong. Mrs Labbett teaches our class on Wednesday afternoons. 

Learning in Otter class is supported by Mrs Carruthers. 

Spring Term 2023



This term, we embark on an immersive exploration of the Maya civilisation. Children will learn about the historical significance of the Maya civilization within the broader context of world history, appreciating its place on the timeline. We'll delve into the everyday lives of the Maya people, exploring topics such as their social structure, daily activities, and cultural practices. Our cross-curricular approach integrates language skills, as students will engage in decoding ancient Maya hieroglyphics and exploring the vibrant linguistic heritage of this civilisation. Additionally, we'll journey through the geographical landscape of Central and South America to provide a contextual understanding of the Maya's physical environment. Through this comprehensive exploration, we will gain historical knowledge of an ancient culture as well as develop critical thinking skills by analysing and critiquing historical sources and understanding the cause-and-effect relationships that shaped the Maya civilization.



Throughout this module, children will delve into a world of sound waves and vibration and the fascinating science that governs the auditory world. We'll embark on a hands-on journey, conducting experiments to understand the principles of acoustics and exploring how sound behaves in different environments. From the resonance of musical instruments to the echoes bouncing off various surfaces, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the scientific intricacies behind the phenomenon of sound.



This module invites children to examine how artists skillfully depict connections and bonds through various visual elements. They'll analyse artwork which conveys the dynamics of relationships, exploring the use of form, proximity, and symbolism. Through their own work, children will have the opportunity to translate their own perceptions of relationships into artistic expressions, fostering a deeper understanding of human connections.


Weekly Routines

We currently have PE on a Wednesday so children should come to school dressed in their weather-appropriate PE kit. Until half-term, we also have forest school on a Thursday afternoon so children should bring outdoor clothing (including wellies and waterproofs) to school with them.




Our Homelearning consists of daily KIRF, TTRS, Reading and Spelling practice supplemented by creative challenges offered over Seesaw.


KIRFS will be shared with home in pupil's Reading Records and will be checked on Mondays and Tuesdays. Spellings will be issued on Mondays and tested the following Monday. Whilst we provide opportunities to practice in the week, it is incredibly important that our learners secure their knowledge through home practice also. Reading is paramount for Primary age pupils, so we ask that they are read to and with as often as possible. 


For more support and explanation of our homelearning policy, please see the parents section of the website and view our KIRFS and Homelearning video guide. 



As well as continuing with individual- class specific- weekly awards, the whole school will be using Class Dojo. Dojo is a points system that allows us to reward effort, consistency, demonstration of our core values, growth mindset and kindness. As well as collecting points individually, the children are also collecting points for their newly allocated School House. The House with the most points at the end of the year will win the House Cup. 


The Houses, Related Parishes and House Leaders for 2023 are: 



Related Parish 

Teacher Leads 

St. Peter 


Mrs Love and Mrs Labbett 

St Cuthbert 


Mrs Hay and Miss Armistead-Burrell 

St. Michael 


Mr Dennis and Mrs Gale 

St John 


Mr Armstrong  and Mrs Wilby  

St Luke 


Miss Houghton and Mrs Wildey  





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