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Welcome to Otters Class!


Otter class is taught by Mrs Love. Mrs Labbett teaches our class on Wednesdays and Mrs Feddon on Monday afternoons. Learning in Otter class is supported by Miss Whitfield.

Autumn Term 2020




Our topic this term is World War 2- A Turning Point. We will be learning about life in Britain, and across Europe, during the War. We will explore the lives of children through historical fiction and examine how the events of this tumultuous period impacted on our locality. We hope to consolidate our learning with a visit to Tullie House and Cumbria's Museum of Military Life, later in the term. As part of this unit, we utilise our links with Penrith Museum and Library, participating in their 'WW2 in Eden' workshop. This year, we also hope to combine a visit to Herdwick School with our learning around self-sufficiency, 'Dig for Victory' and 'The Land Army'. This topic often sees the children sharing their own family experiences and, as ever, we encourage the children to explore their family history and bring any artifacts, pictures or stories they have to our attention. A knowledge organiser with key, topic-specific, vocabulary and information will be sent home for learner and parental reference. 




Our topic in science this term is Forces. We will explore: magnetism, friction, upthrust, air-resistance and gravity. This unit is really practical and enjoyable. You can support the learning at home through provision of high quality scientific reference texts, forces glossaries or use of virtual experiments. A knowledge organiser will be sent home with the key facts learners need to know included. 




This term our art will explore and celebrate the work of Henry Moore. We will also touch on Pop Art and Surrealism, when looking at Dali and Miro, Klee and Pollock. Our WW2 topic will also see us investigate Art Deco as a movement and repeated floral pattern. 

Our Class Blog:


Well it's been a strange end to last year, and a different kind of summer, but we here we find ourselves- setting off on a new school year. Some things this year are likely to be, and feel, a little different but there is much that remains the same. We stand firm in our commitment to 'bring the best out in each other'; we look to live our Christian Values of Hope, Service and Compassion every day and we continue to strive for excellence and enjoyment in our learning. 


Here's to starting the year with a growth mindset and a hearty dose of excitement for what's to come! Learning adventures await...



Weekly Routines

Please note that all our routines will take longer to establish this term due to the time we are taking to assess learner need in all areas. 


We currently have PE on a Wednesday and Thursday, so will need to wear appropriate outdoor kit on those days. 




Please note that homelearning will not be issued initially this term. Once routines are established, our homelearning will consist of daily KIRF, TTRS, Reading and Spelling practice supplemented by 6 creative challenges offered over Seesaw.


KIRFS will be shared with home in pupil's Reading Records and will be checked on Wednesdays and Fridays. Spellings will be issued on Monday and tested the following Monday. Whilst we provide opportunities to practice in the week, it is incredibly important that our learners secure their knowledge through home practice also. Reading is paramount for Primary age pupils, so we ask that they are read to and with as often as possible. 



As well as continuing with individual- class specific- weekly awards, the whole school will be using Class Dojo this year. Dojo is a points system that allows us to reward effort, consistency, demonstration of our core values, growth mindset and kindness. As well as collecting points individually, the children are also collecting points for their newly allocated School House. The House with the most points at the end of the year will win the House Cup. 


The Houses, and House Leaders are: 


The House of St Peter- Mrs Love and Mrs Wilby 

The House of St Cuthbert- Mrs Hay and Miss O'Kane

The House of St Michael- Mr Dennis and Mrs Gale

The House of St John- Mr Armstrong and Mrs Newman 

The House of St Luke- Mrs Labbett and Mrs Wildey