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Welcome to Otters Class!


Otter class is taught by Mrs Love. Mrs Labbett teaches our class for two afternoons a week and Mrs Feddon for one. Learning in Otter class is supported by Miss Whitfield,  Mrs Carruthers and Mrs Mattinson.

Spring Term 2020




Our topic this term is Ancient Egypt. We will be learning about life in Ancient Egypt, their Pharoahs and Gods and their legacy as a civilization. As part of our learning, we will visit Tullie House for their Egypt week. At the Museum we will explore Egyptian artifacts, mummify each other and meet an Egyptian Farmer. We will find out how life was different for the rich and poor in this period and compare life then, to life now and life in Tudor times. In Literacy, we will link our learning to myths, poetry and story writing. As ever we will be taking every opportunity to get active and outdoors with our learning, and there may well be some Egyptian cooking too! 




Our topic in science this term is focused around 'Solids, Liquids and Gases Around Us' and 'Changing States of Matter'. We will investigate the difference between solids, liquids and gases by looking at particle behaviour. We will become experts on some gases around us and their uses. We will also investigate reversible and irreversible changes- touching on solubility and molecular change. 




This term our art will be focused around sculpture- with some landscaping thrown in. We will be creating Egyptian cats and canopic jars, as well as pharoah's head-dresses. Our DT will see us making bread.   

Autumn Term 2019




Our topic this term is the terrible Tudors. We will be learning about life in Tudor Britain, the Tudor monarchs and their legacy. As part of our learning, we will visit Bowes Museum for a Tudor immersion day. We will make a Tussie Mussie, learn some Tudor dance, prepare for a banquet and create some Tudor art in a jam-packed day full of fun and learning! We will find out how life was different for the rich and poor in this period and compare life then, to life now. In Literacy, we will link our Tudor learning to biography, diary, letter and story writing. As ever we will be taking every opportunity to get active and outdoors with our learning, and there may well be some Tudor cooking too! 




Our topic in science this term is Humans and Other Animals. We will be learning about the body's main systems: respiratory, digestive, circulatory and nervous as well as exploring the systems of other animals. We have already enjoyed comparing humans to cows and birds, and built a working model of the digestive system! The children will use their new found understanding at the end of the unit to write an informative, targeted information text. 




This term our art will be focused around portraiture. We will be creating self portraits in a variety styles, exploring the methods of various artists and assorted media along the way. We will be creating some futuristic, Tudor-style portraits using technology as well as producing some collaborative artwork together.  

Guest Blog- Our Visit to Bowes Museum 

by Martha Y5


What an amazing trip that was, to Bowes Museum. It was so fun! We learned so many new things about the Tudors. I never realised how different their life was to ours... 


As soon as we walked through the doors, there were 'ohs' and 'ahs' at the beautiful chandeliers and the long, winding staircase. We walked up the staircase and into a room with Mistress Nell, who showed us the settings of a Tudor Banquet. We talked about the different types of food and drinks that would be served, things like: pudding, veal, pottage and manchet (a hard bread). Pudding was not the kind of pudding we have though... it was actually sausage! Sometimes, clever pudding sellers would put wood-shavings in the pudding to make it seem more fat and juicy.


We were told how salt was very valuable, so it had to be locked up in a cupboard, and that another sign of wealth was gold leaf- used for decoration and eaten as part of the meal. After the dinner, when the Master had been to the toilet, the Privy Keeper would have to fish out the gold leaf, clean it and give it to the chef to use again because it was so expensive! 


We also learned that pottage was what we call stew, and that veal was the meat of a calf. They even ate the pig's brain. It's a wonder that the Tudors didn't throw up with all the food they ate! They didn't even use a fork! 


Our Class Blog Autumn


What an amazing start to the year we've had. We loved working with poet Andy Tooze, especially creating 20 word poems and some about our future dreams. We applied our poetry learning to a new context when we presented the year's first Christian Values Assembly on Service. As part of our worship, we shared a song and offered lots of mindful activities that had helped us to contemplate our focus value. We hope all the other classes enjoy engaging with them in our pop up prayer space as much as we did. We have already begun exploring portraiture and created some magnificent pencil portraits of ourselves and the Tudor Kings and Queens. In maths we've been embracing challenge- throwing ourselves into place value reasoning problems with determination and growth mindset. Our Computing unit is based on Spreadsheets and we've used PurpleMash 2Calculate to investigate all sorts of things. We found out that e is a very commonly used vowel, and even worked out how old Mrs Love was in days...(it was a lot!). Between Bikeability and Mrs Labbetts Cycling sessions, we are almost ready for the Tour de' France! We LOVE feeling the breeze on our face as we limbo, and our skills are improving every week. There is so much more to look forward to this term, we've only just begun- we are especially excited about Global Week in Autumn II. 

Weekly Routines


We currently have PE on a Tuesday and Wednesday, so will need appropriate indoor and outdoor kit on those days. After half-term we will begin Orienteering on Thursday afternoons so we'll need to ensure we have layers and are ready for all weathers. 




Topical homelearning is set on a half-termly basis using our take-away model We love seeing each other's long term and creative projects in class and at Good Learning Assembly. Learners are encouraged to engage with the tasks at whatever level they feel confident, and to give an 'extra hot' task a go once a term.


KIRFS are shared with home in pupil's Reading Records and these and Spellings should be practiced weekly. Reading is paramount for Primary age pupils, so we ask that they are read to and with as often as possible. Weekly spellings are tested on a Monday.  Super spelling is rewarded with movement through the Spell Jitzu belts, or our speller of the week award.


Otter Class Homelearning Spring Term