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23rd April 18
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School Information


What the children say:

You make friends really easily.  The teachers are also very nice.

It ia a great school.  I settled in really well and made lots of friends.

It is a great school.  The teachers are kind but are strict when you are working.  They always give you things to improve on.  The sporting actviities are great and there are many trips to go on.

Langwathby School has great teachers that push you to your absolute potential.

Langwathby is fun and sporty.  They challenge you, help you and explain things clearly.

Langwathby has nice friendly people who care about other people.

It's special because we get a wide range of opportunities so that we can find what we enjoy or are good at.

It's a brilliant place where teachers try to get the best out of you and you have fun.




What the parents say

H is happy and looks forward to school.  She is gaining in self-confidence and making good progress.

We are very proud of the progress B has made.  The extra help she has received has been a great help.  Thank you for your commitment and kindness.

We are very happy with the progress L has made over the past year.  he is growing in confidence alll the time and is enjoying learning.  His reading, writing and spelling have improved dramatically and he was so proud to win the year 1 Spelling Bee.

I am so proud of T, he is doing really well and thoroughly enjoying his time at Langwathby.

We are really pleased with how R has settled into his new school this term.  He seems to be enjoying learning in a friendly but challenging environment.

We are very pleased to see how J has progressed this year.  His confidence has bloomed in year 2.

We are very pleased with D’s progress, she is happy, confident and settled.  Thanks for your help this year.

We are very pleased with T's progress this year.  We feel he has been allowed to become a 'free thinker' and that has led to his love of learning.  Thank you for all your hard work.  It is very much appreciated. 

We are pleased with the progress A has made.  It is wonderful to see A so happy within school and for her to be enjoying learning so much.

We are very happy with D's progress this year.  She has worked hard and is enjoying school.  Her confidence continues to grow which is wonderful to see.  Thank you.

We are absolutely delighted with O's report.  O was quite a shy individual when she started at Langwathby School, in the middle of year 2.  With help and encouragement from the school and especially the wonderful teachers, O has grown greatly in confidence and abiilty.  This school has provided O with a really enjoyable primary school experience.  Thank you.

I like the way the school educates the children about the church, the story of Jesus and God through telling stories, visiting the church, celebrating harvest, plays at Christmas and boooklets that children bring home.  H was involved in all of these and enjoyed them. 


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